Our Story & Vision

When Jillee Parker and Draydel first began performing their collaborative hip-hop/pop/edm album, 'Madness 2 Magic,' they found it difficult to find clothing that represented their brand. Dray had no colorful affordable options and Jillee was too shapely for many of the trends. Thus she was forced to start making all of their clothing by hand. As they performed around the country in their pop-up party car LeBoomin, they began to notice that people were just as quick to comment on their fashion as they were on their music. This is how the M2M album birthed the idea of an M2M clothing shop. Jillee and Dray are opposites, as a Scorpio and a Taurean. Her style is powerful, casual sexy, and colorful , while he leans toward flashy, adventurous, and holographic pieces. This brand was created to showcase the dual-nature of their music with items that best reflect their contradictory attributes. 

Here at Madness 2 Magic we believe in the ever-changing you.  This multi-faceted designer brand provides carefully selected pieces to represent the duality in your nature by catering to you and all of your shades. We lean toward effortless casual looks that make a statement and won't break the bank. M2M encourages shoppers to push boundaries and social normative style. We offer many unisex items, bringing casual coolness and color to everyone's closet.

Our customers are the leaders of the pack, rebels for a cause, legends in progress. We as a people and as a company believe in love, unity, effort, ingenuity, and dreams. We hope you wear our clothes while making the world a better place, even when its inconvenient. We hope you find your team and work together while repping M2M. We want you to do better, try harder, and be better every day that you exist. Take that chance. Risk it all. Then reap the reward in M2M apparel. Find inspiration in the MADNESS and find wonder in MAGIC. Wear accessories that set you apart from the rest. Find the good in every phase of your life, and we hope it starts today with Madness 2 Magic.

So, who do you feel like today? Do you want to expose your inner artist? fashionista? casual weekender? powerhouse? or flashy bold self? We see you. M2M gives you the chance to wear your expression freely, but we know that your true greatness shines far past your wardrobe- well into the galaxy...

We will meet you there eventually, but for now our main headquarters are located in Hollywood.... No, not California, Hollywood, Florida. We have better beaches.

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